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From Bestselling Author to Future Sports Broadcaster: Miguel Coppedge Earns 2023 A2I Scholarship

In the world of inspiring stories and role models, the name Miguel Coppedge stands out. Already a bestselling author by age 10, this remarkable young man is now set to embark on his next adventure, the pursuit of higher education. We are thrilled to announce that Miguel is the recipient of the $1500 A2I Scholarship and will be attending Virginia Commonwealth University this fall, majoring in Mass Communications with an aspiration to become a Sportscaster.

Miguel's journey is nothing short of extraordinary. The honors student has published three books, "The Adventures of FireMan," "The Case of The Stinger," and "Friendly Officers," displaying a precocious talent and a heart for service. A portion of his proceeds go to St. Ann’s Center for Children, Youth and Families, where Miguel was once a foster child. His commitment to his community extends beyond his philanthropic endeavors. Miguel is also a filmmaker, speaker, social change maker, and app developer. His collaboration with DC Metropolitan Police Department through his Best Seller “Friendly Officers” has helped bridge gaps and build relationships in his community.

Recently, he started Krulle, LLC, a hair care product line for boys and men, showing his entrepreneurial spirit. His accolades include recognition as a Young Author Achievement Award, an "Everyday Young Hero" by Youth Service America, and an "Outstanding Biz Kid" by Biz Kidz. Notably, in 2015, Miguel had a personal encounter with President Obama and his family, making news across various channels.

Despite these astounding accomplishments, Miguel remains rooted in his dedication to giving back to his community. He donates "I Care Comfort Bags" to DC Child & Family Services, feeds the homeless, and regularly volunteers his time reading to children.

As we celebrate Miguel's journey, we recognize that his path represents the aspirations of many young minds out there. The A2I Scholarship Fund is dedicated to supporting students like Miguel, who are changing the world one step at a time.

We invite you to be part of these remarkable stories of determination and ambition. Your contribution can help us provide even more scholarships and resources to deserving students. Please visit our website at and consider making a donation today.

Every dream deserves a chance to be realized. Help us make more dreams come true.

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