The Aspire 2 Inspire (A2I) Foundation, Inc., encourages supporters of our organization to donate to our programs and causes. A2I has received 501c3 designation from the IRS, which makes your donations tax-deductible.

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Acceptance of donations does not represent the Aspire 2 Inspire Foundation’s express or implied endorsement of the positions, opinions, products or services of any person or its employees, or partners or other business concerns in which such person has a material financial ownership. 

We request corporate funders or partners to expressly acknowledge and agree to the following:

The Aspire 2 Inspire Foundation has not, by virtue of accepting a charitable contribution, granted to any person, in whole or in part, any rights to influence, control, direct or veto, in any manner, express or implied, the editorial, financial, policy or advocacy stance undertaken by the Aspire 2 Inspire Foundation.

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