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The DC Rhinos Mentorship Program

One of the major areas of emphasis for the A2I Foundation is The DC Rhinos Program. The Black Rhinoceros, often colloquially abbreviated Rhino, is a species native to Africa which is critically endangered. The name DC Rhinos is derived from the intention of the program to have a positive impact on the alarming shortage of self sufficient, upwardly mobile African American men in society. The program was created to instill and reinforce the skills, character, and self motivation that young men need to transform from childhood to manhood. The DC Rhinos Mentoring Program provides a framework for these young men to actualize their dreams through positive reinforcement and enrichment activities and programs to help them develop and retain a "Can Do!" attitude.

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Previous Programs: Kelly-Miller Scholars

The Aspire 2 Inspire (A2I) Mentorship Program currently works with Kelly-Miller Middle School students serving as role-models towards their goal of attending a DC High School of their choice. Our involvement with kids in NE DC results in college-board scholars. Donation opportunities will be available to sponsor events that the Foundation would like to put on for our scholars.

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